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E-commerce localization in Russia & CIS

E-commerce in Russia is entering a boom phase, driven by increasing broadband penetration, improving payments infrastructure and high levels of consumer retail spending.

Our research note on the Russian E-Commerce Market (pdf - 12 pages) provides more background on these trends and our blog, insights into russian e-commerce, provides ongoing coverage of market dynamics.

Interstice Consulting has had a representative office in Moscow since 2004, and we are working with several foreign companies to market their e-businesses in Russia.

Our track record of success and existing relationships with Russian media and marketing partners enables your e-business project to gain immediate traction in the Russian e-commerce market.

We offer existing, foreign, e-businesses a full solution to adapt their businesses to the Russian e-commerce market. Our services include:
  • Consulting on e-business strategy in Russia
  • Business setup and administration
    • Business registration and ongoing administration
    • Sourcing of local directors and representatives
    • Domain name registration and ongoing administration
    • Tax registration and compliance
    • Intellectual property protection
    • Accounting and recordkeeping
    • Bank account setup and administration
  • Web development and online marketing
    • Converting existing website to Russian language and to appeal to the behavioural characteristics of Russian Internet users
    • Usability testing
    • Designing and implementing Russia-specific online marketing and advertising campaigns
    • Russian social media marketing
    • Search engine optimization for Russian language key words and phrases, in view of algorithms used by popular local search engines
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Website maintenance, updates and hosting
  • Offline marketing
    • Adapting marketing materials for use in Russia
    • Public relations with Russian media
    • Event management and sponsorships
    • Sourcing local affiliate partners
  • Customer contact, service and relationship management in Russian language
  • Logistics
    • Import of physical goods and customs clearance
    • Warehousing
    • Distribution/delivery
  • Payment collection, processing and crediting
The key benefits to our e-business localization services include:
  • Efficiency: we provide a complete, end-to-end solution. Our client deals only with Interstice Consulting and we manage all coordination with our network of Russian specialists.
  • Speed: we are experienced in bringing foreign e-businesses to Russia and have a proven, standardized methodology
  • Reliability: our senior staff are experienced in the standards of international business and clients have complete access to their financial and operating records, with ability to verify/audit as appropriate
  • Flexibility:
    • Consultation only: we can work purely as your consultant on a time and materials basis; or
    • Partnership: we can act as your representative in Russia and share in the risks and rewards of the business. This enables the client to achieve a lower initial investment as well as the benefits of outsourcing of operations, rather than investing in an office, warehouse, and employees from the outset. Under this approach our ultimate compensation for localization services is tied to the revenues generated from the client's Russian operations.
To discuss your entry into the Russian e-business market, please contact us via e-mail on:

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