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“Welcome to McDowell’s, May I Take Your Order?”

Here’s a list of websites in the Runet which have international “equivalents”. While many of the international equivalents are already in Russia or offer services to Russian customers, in most cases they are behind their Russian competitors.

I welcome suggestions for additions and amendments to this list. The aim is for this page to become a central reference point.

Sector Runet site(s) International reference site(s)
Social networking
Virtual pinboards
E-commerce (universal)
E-commerce (fashion / soft goods)
E-commerce (curated home products)
Professional networking
Online classified ads
Location-based networking
Peer-to-peer accommodations
Peer-to-peer e-commerce
Person-to-person payments
Daily deals
Travel search
Hotel reservations

About Leighton Peter Prabhu

I am a partner in Interstice Consulting LLP and head of the Russian office. My practice focuses on e-commerce business and marketing consulting, especially for foreign e-commerce brands entering the Russian market. I also serve as a consultant to some of the largest international portfolio investors in Russian equities (both public and private). You can find out more about my background and business interests on LinkedIn. You can also connect with me on Twitter and on Google+.


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