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E-commerce localization
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Leighton S.P. Prabhu
Wendy Kennedy
Luis Fdo. Rojas-Lopez
Michael D. McNertney
Demetrius A.M.-A. Floudas
Apollo N. Makubuya

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Presentations and Guest Blog Posts

Go East, Young Man! The Unstoppable Rise of Asia and Asians, presentation to Founder Institute, Moscow, March 2014.

Russian E-Commerce Market Update, insights into russian e-commerce blog, June 2013.

"Domain Name Disputes in Russia", insights into russian e-commerce blog, March 2013.

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"Social Media in Russia", Dreamgrow Social Media & Internet Marketing Blog (Estonia), November 2011.

"Building Online Brands", September 2011. Presentation at Retail Business Russia Conference. (pdf: 19 pages)

Research Notes

Prabhu, L.S.P., "Russian E-Commerce Market - Behind the Numbers", March 2011. (pdf: 12 pages)

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Press Mentions

Luxury Daily, 2 November 2011,"How to Market to Russia's Rich", by Kayla Hutzler.

The Moscow News, 29 August 2011, "Virtual Shopaholic", by Anna Sulimina.

Forbes Magazine (in Russian), 22 August 2011, "Surprise by Subscription", by Anna Leonova.

Demo Dirt, 17 September 2010, "Touch and Get", by Galia Myron.

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