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Michael D. McNertneyMichael D. McNertney
BSFS (Georgetown)

Mr. McNertney is a senior advisor to Interstice Consulting and focuses on emerging market economic development, corporate expansion and global positioning, and banking and finance. He is a former Managing Director and 20-year veteran of the JPMorgan Chase organization, during which time he focused internationally on emerging markets in Latin America and South East Asia.

Mr. McNertney has extensive experience in investment and commercial banking activities, including advisory assignments in such areas as capital market development, infrastructural project finance, risk management and corporate strategy formulation. His clients have included a range of indigenous and multi-national corporates in the power, oil and gas, telecommunications, and pulp and paper industries, among others.

Mr. McNertney has consulted independently for such entities as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Latin America, Africa and Asia. He has been involved in projects ranging from banking reconstruction in South East Asia to small and medium enterprise banking development in Latin America and the Middle East.

Mr. McNertney is a graduate of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and completed the MBA-equivalent JPMorgan Chase management training program.
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