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International Business, Trade and Tax

Businesses are reaching out to foreign markets taking advantage of opportunities to increase revenues and profits. Interstice Consulting takes an innovative approach to assist business expansion, whether directly through creation of a foreign presence or indirectly through licensing, franchising or partnering.

Interstice Consulting has representative offices in most major markets and more than two decades of experience providing guidance to businesses entering new markets, whether by acquisition, merger, joint venture, licensing, franchising, and/or the formation of foreign strategic partnerships. Please learn more about our services and ongoing trends on our blog, international business trade and taxation.

Structural Considerations:

Our approach employs a variety of techniques to achieve a successful outcome, including negotiating strategies, planning alternatives, appraisal and evaluation of efficient global structures, joint venture and/or partnering to achieve your business goals. Interstice Consulting addresses tax planning concerns, considerations for cultural influences, judicial systems, the investment environment, local governmental incentives, governmental approval for establishment of a business, and labor and employment concerns.


Advising on issues arising from international trade. National laws vary, including those regulating commerce and taxation. Local laws governing the types of goods that can be marketed or sold. Trade in services, transfer of technology and knowledge, foreign direct investment and commercial transactions between private or public entities or between private entities and governmental organizations acting in a commercial capacity.


Planning considerations include the use of local tax incentives, use of tax jurisdictions with extensive double tax treaty networks, as well as, tax free jurisdictions. Reviewing the type of entity to be used, determining any allowances available, identifying withholding tax issues, sales tax or any other turnover tax such as VAT.

The key benefits to Interstice Consulting services include:
  • Effective Solutions: we streamline the process from planning, to structuring, to negotiations, to document preparation, to completion.
  • Flexible Pricing: We can work purely as your consultant on an hourly basis, or on a project basis with a set fee based on the scope of the project.
  • Experience: With over two decades of proven experience we bring solid ideas and solutions to the table. Our team is comprised of seasoned business leaders and consultants who can think out of the box to achieve your goals.
To discuss your business expansion, restructure your existing one, review and suggest changes in your business model, please contact us via email on:
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