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The following representative engagements provide a flavour of the nature of advisory assignments undertaken by Interstice.

Public sector

  • Asian Development Bank - Sri Lanka
    Advised on development of infrastructure bonds in the domestic capital market
  • European Union - Russia
    Served as senior legal expert for the Insurance Advisory Services II project in the Russian Federation
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Secretariat - Mexico
    Advised on the first anti-dumping case brought by the U.S. against Mexico under the NAFTA
  • US Agency for International Development - Honduras
    Designed and implemented an innovative agricultural financing scheme in Honduras in the aftermath of “Hurricane Mitch”.
  • European Union - Bulgaria (TEMPUS)
    Advised on issues related to telecom regulation and restructuring of State Subsidies to Government-Controlled Enterprises, according to the European Community Treaty.
  • Government of Canada - Costa Rica
    Consulted to a Canadian government sponsored project on The Role of the Private Sector in the New Regional and Hemispheric Integration Process of the Foundation for Peace and Democracy (FUNPADEM-Costa Rica).
  • World Bank - Africa
    Acted as Board Secretary and Senior Legal Advisor to the Cotton Development Organization under a World Bank funded cotton sub-sector development project.
  • Commonwealth Development Corporation - Brunei
    Advised the Government of Brunei on drafting of environmental protection legislation and regulations.
Private sector

  • Cool Petroleum Holdings - Shell Jamaica
    Advised on valuation, capital raising, tax structuring, and other legal aspects of an acquisition in the energy sector in Jamaica
  • Confidential private sector client - Cayman Islands
    Advised a technology company on setting up foreign sales subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands
  • Equator Principles - Global
    Served as technology consultant to the Equator Principles banks in their development of a website and internal communications infrastructure
  • Confidential private sector client - Global
    Advised a major money center bank headquartered in New York on designing and implementing an e-commerce workflow system for international structured trade financing
  • Confidential private sector client - Philippines and Malaysia
    Advised selling shareholders on corporate restructuring and positioning to facilitate entry of a strategic equity partner, for a large steel manufacturer in the Philippines.
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