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Demetrius A.M.-A. FloudasDemetrius A.M.-A. Floudas
LL.B (Athens), LL.M (Cantab)

Mr. Floudas is a Vice President and Head of the European Consultancy Division. He is currently based in Moscow on a European Union funded project providing technical assistance to the government of the Russian Federation. Mr. Floudas also serves as the lead representative of IK Rokas & Partners in Russia. Concurrently, he is a senior partner in the Athens-based law firm Floudas Tsilimidos Mavromichalis and engages in teaching and research at Hughes Hall College, University of Cambridge and the intensive programmes of the Académie de Paris.

He is an expert on the European Union and its policies and processes for integration and expansion. Mr. Floudas has completed a broad scope of international consulting assignments in the private and public sectors, including projects in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific. He is a recognised specialist in e-commerce regulation and the application of new technologies, with particular emphasis in international domain name acquisition, registration and protection, where he continues to advise and represent some of the most widely-known e-commerce names. In 1997 the European Commission named him a Jean Monnet module leader.

In addition to his consultancy activities, he is an academic of international distinction. He is the author of several published articles and papers, and has co-edited the 'Overcoming the Barriers of the Single Market' volume published by John Wiley & Sons, which circulated in 42 countries. Mr. Floudas has presented research papers and delivered seminars in several countries throughout the world. He has been elected Fellow of the Hellenic Institute of International & Foreign Law and Visiting Fellow of the Centre for International Economic Research, Anglia Business School. He also spent one semester as an Aristoteles Visiting Fellow at the prestigious Université de Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne). He previously held the position of Lecturer in European & Comparative Law at the Anglia Law School (UK), where he was also elected as a Member of the Unversity Senate. Mr. Floudas has also recently been appointed to the Editorial Board of the European-based 'International Problems' journal and has been invited to act as permanent Contributing Editor of the Athens defence industry specialist publication 'Defence and Diplomacy'.

Mr. Floudas speaks five languages and holds an LL.B. (magna cum laude) from the University of Athens as well as an LL.M. from the University of Cambridge. In addition he has conducted research for two years at the University of Hannover under the ELPIS (European Legal Practice Integrated Studies) framework. He was awarded an Onassis Foundation Scholarship in 1992. He is a Member of the British Academy of Experts and of the Athens Bar.
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