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Interstice Consulting offers world-class project management and technical expertise to public and private sector clients globally.

In the public sector, our consultants have been active on projects funded by major international development agencies including the Asian Development Bank, CIDA, European Union, International Finance Corporation, Organization of American States, USAID, and World Bank.

We are equally active in the private sector, where we advise both large and small organizations in our areas of focus.

Founded in 1993 in Ottawa, Canada, we maintain representation in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central and South America, and Asia.

Compared to our peer firms, Interstice Consulting is distinguished by the following factors:
  • Interdisciplinary teams - The diversity of our members' technical knowledge in the fields of finance, law, tax and business strategy enables us to deliver advice from an integrated perspective
  • Seasoned professionals - Each of our members possesses at least 15 years of experience in their specialty areas.
  • Flexible skill sets - The wide variety of mandates undertaken by the firm enables us to quickly understand new situations and become effective advisors within a short time frame. Moreover, we have been very successful advising in many different cultures. Our members have worked in more than 80 countries.
  • Unrivalled analytical rigour - We have deep subject matter knowledge. All of our members have outstanding academic credentials and most combine academic activities with consultancy projects, thus enabling us to deliver an unrivalled standard of advice.

While we leverage our organization's cumulative experience and knowledge base to deliver superior results to our clients, Interstice Consulting approaches each engagement from a fresh perspective.

Interstice Consulting's teams are small and each member possesses both highly specialized expertise and experience in a broad variety of engagements. We do not parcel out portions of an engagement to disparate functional, geographic, or subject-matter experts to execute separately.

We also do not apply a "template" approach in either our internal organization or our approach to problem solving. Each engagement represents a unique situation, setting and context. Our analysis and focus on implementation accounts for these factors, which are generally more challenging than identifying the "logical" answers.

Our multidisciplinary skills base further broadens the professional considerations we can bring to bear on our engagements, so that our recommendations are screened from multiple perspectives before being presented to our clients.
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